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Get a Private Consultation- 20 minutes

If you want to talk to me, direct and live, over the phone, consult with me for very special issues that are of interest to you and your family, then choose this option. After you fill in the data required, I will email you back with the date and time and phone number to call me. We will spend 20 minutes, of your choice, with a direct one to one conversation and tackle all your concerns, in the light of astrological analysis. Are you planning to relocate and change your actual city of residence? Are you on the move and wish to explore your astrological possibilities to help you choose correctly and timely? Will the next move be to your advantage? Are you making a choice between two or three cities to relocate and you wish to know which of these cities is best for you and your family? ?Be one among those who explore the deep corners of astrological analysis and prediction by choosing this option. I will email to give you the appointment hour and day for our conversation, and will forward you with a phone number you could call me on. Please have ready with you, when you call me the transaction number that the system will forward you.

Price: US$150     
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